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Discipline-specific symbols

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Ski orienteering

801 Track >2 m
802 Track 1-2 m
803 Track 0.8-1 m
804 Road covered with snow
805 Sanded or snowless road
806 Prepared areas

Mountain bike orienteering

811 Track: easy riding
812 Path: easy riding
813 Track: slow riding
814 Path: slow riding
815 Track: difficult to ride
816 Path: difficult to ride

Trail orienteering

201 Major cliff
203 Minor rock face
208 Distinct boulderfield
210 Distinct stony ground
212 Distinct bare rock
304 River
305 Watercourse
306 Small watercourse
309 Prominent marsh
310 Marsh
401 Distinct open land
402 Distinct open land with scattered trees
403 Distinct rough open land
404 Distinct rough open land with scattered trees
405 Forest: good visibility
408 Forest: reduced visibility
409 Undergrowth: reduced visibility
410 Vegetation: severely reduced visibility

Park orienteering

851 Building
852 Building pass-through
853 Building outline
861 Road without car traffic
862 Stairways

Foot orienteering

Land forms ..................Brown
Rock and boulders ......Black
Water and marsh .........Blue
Vegetation ..................Green & Yellow
Man-made features .....Black
Technical symbols & Map contents
Overprinting symbols ...Purple
OCAD characters
Changes from ISOM1990

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