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Paved area 529

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529 Paved area

An area of hardstanding used for parking or other purposes.

Colour: black and brown 50% (60 lines/cm).

Border line width 0.12mm

ISOM 1990 Definition

530 Parking area

A paved, asphalt or other surfaced area for parking or other purposes.

Colour: black and brown 50 - 100% (40 lines/cm).

Border line width 0.125mm
ISOM number changed from 530 to 529.

OCAD Methods

Defined as area symbol 529.0; this can be drawn with any drawing tool.

Edge match with care using the control key when drawing to match edges.

Great care is needed when drawing this symbol as the default brown will not knockout any underlying yellow or green, despite appearing correct on screen. So all other screens must be cut back to the edge of the parking areas.

Further the edge line is 0.12mm, as against the road edge size of 0.18mm. This causes some odd jumps that appear crude. For small parking areas, such as lay-bys, it is often neater to use a thicker edge.

Permissible Combination of Screens

The ISOM lays down the permissible combination of screens.

There is no mention of this symbol in the combination section of the specifications. The inference is that this screen should remain on its own, no combinations allowed.

1) Change the colour used by the symbol to “street infill” which cuts out road edges.

2) To draw a lay-by with a thicker road edge, use a small section of road:-    graphic of road drawing

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