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High fence 524

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524 High fence

A boarded or wire fence higher than ca 1.5m, not crossable to the average orienteer, eg. deer fence.

Colour: black.

Line width 0.18mm

tag: line 0.14mm, length 0.5mm, spacing 2.5mm, angle 60º

ISOM 1990 Definition

As ISOM 2000 but line width width was 0.175mm and tag width 0.125mm

OCAD Methods

Defined as line symbol 524.0. Can be drawn with any tool but bézier or straight line modes are preferable.

If the bézier tool is used, care must be taken as tag spacing is dependent on location of nodes and handles. The smaller tag gap is particularly vulnerable to the effects of tight curves on the spacing. See bézier topic for more information.

OCAD default definition

The default definition has the fence tags going in the wrong direction compared with the ISOM. The defined angle should be 120º (Mike Godfree)

See the Variations in Symbols topic for details.

All crossing points (gates, stiles and gaps) must be shown, whether they are open, or even if permanently closed. if they are not to be used on the day of the competition, then this is indicated on the overprint, map corrections or on the ground, as appropriate.

Pictorial Descriptions

- BOF Rules, Appendix One

a wire or wooden boundary.

   If the fence has a tight curve or sharp angle the tags tend to overlap. The solution is to cut out the central part of the curve and replace it with a plain black line.

Use a black 0.18mm line, the passable rock face (no tags) symbol (203) is suitable.

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