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Tunnel 518

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518 Tunnel

A way under roads, railways, etc. which may be used by the runner. This symbol is used whether or not the tunnel has a track leading to it.

Colour: black.

Line width 0.18mm

ISOM 1990 Definition

As ISOM 2000 but line width was 0.175mm

ISOM number changed from 519 to 518.

OCAD Methods

No symbol is provided in the default.ocd symbol set. The feature may be drawn by using symbol 204.0, rocky pit for the smaller tunnel, and rotating as needed, not an exact match, better to draw the correct symbol. For the larger bridge type tunnels, the correct line size can be drawn using symbol 301.1, lake edge.

These suggestions are rotatable symbols, and can be rotated with the direction tool and will rotate with the map if the “include symbols” box is checked when the map is turned.

Care when drawing is needed, a click will place the symbol; a click with drag will rotate the symbol in the direction of the drag. To correct this, redraw carefully. Don Scarrott has written a utility that straightens all rotated symbols.

Drawing Considerations

Tunnels that are blocked, and cannot be used should not be shown by this symbol.

If you are likely to be using many large tunnels the a user defined symbol can be useful. It is often more practical to draw one and then duplicate and rotate as needed.

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