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Motorway 501

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501 Motorway

A road with two carriageways. The width of the symbol should be drawn to scale but not smaller than the minimum width. The outer boundary lines may be replaced with symbols 519, 521, 522 or 524 if a fence or wall is so close to the motorway edge that it cannot practically be shown as a separate symbol. The space between the black lines must be filled with brown (50%). A road under construction may be shown with broken lines.

Colour: black and brown 50% (60 lines/cm).

Black line widths 0.18mm

Spacing between lines minimum 0.3mm

ISOM 1990 Definition

A road with two highways for the use of motor traffic only. The space between the black lines must be filled with brown (50-100%)

Colour: black and brown 50-100% (40 lines/cm).

Black line widths 0.175mm

Spacing between lines 0.3mm

The overall width was 1.125mm which is 16.9m on the ground

OCAD Methods

Defined as triple line symbol 501.0, uses special road colours to allow automatic knocking out of borderlines by the fill. This allows easy digitising of junctions and roundabouts.

The default fill colour is defined as a 50% brown tone (street infill colour number 15), but will also knock out the normal, lower, browns including contours.

Can be drawn with any drawing tool, but bézier mode is the most efficient. Do not allow bézier handles to overlap or very strange effects occur!

Drawing Considerations

This is a symbol, not a scale representation of a motorway, so some adjustment of neighbouring features may be needed.

The overall width is 1.14mm which is 17.1m on the ground

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