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Platform (119)

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119 Platform (British Orienteering Federation)

A platform is a significant flat area (with the appearance of being man-made) on a slope.

Normally a flat area of about 12m should be regarded as a minimum. The triangle may be used as a point symbol (in the same way as the small depression or dot knoll) for features that are too small to be well represented by contours or form lines.

In the same way as knolls or depressions, platforms should be marked only if they are sufficiently prominent to be significant features clearly visible at competition speed.

The triangle shall be of the same dimensions as the small pit symbol, and orientated with the apex pointing down the slope.

Colour: Brown.

No known dimensions, recommend an equilateral triangle of side length 0.8mm (as symbol 209).

OCAD Methods

No symbol is provided in the default.ocd symbol set. One must be defined as a user defined symbol.

A user defined symbol is a rotatable symbol, it can be rotated with the direction tool and will rotate with the map if the “include symbols” box is checked when the map is turned.

Care when drawing is needed, a click will place the symbol; a click with drag will rotate the symbol in the direction of the drag. To correct this, redraw carefully. Don Scarrott has written a utility that straightens all rotated symbols.

Drawing Considerations

It is usual that the platform is both scooped out of the hill and built on, but if one way is more prominent, then a contour bend will be the best solution. This symbol need only be used if a single contour or form line blip cannot describe the platform.

The usual symbol gives too much prominence to a feature that is often vague. If in doubt, leave it out.

Pictorial Descriptions

- BOF Rules, Appendix One

A small level area on a slope, on some maps, a charcoal burning ground.

Many people's default.ocd files have been amended to include a platform (and many other weird and less wonderful creations). Use these to add one to your file. You can cut the symbol from the source file, open your file and paste it in.

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