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Thank you for visiting this website. I hope you leave with some useful information. If you have any comments about the website, let me know!
6th Nov 2004
Gary Wolstenholme's Inventory!
My thanks to photographer Gary Wolstenholme for allowing me to duplicate his work showing exactly what makes up a Lenco GL75!

More here...

16th Oct 2004
Fred Johnston writes an in-depth article about vinyl care, including RCM's and RCS's. Its a great read and can be found here...


As a special treat for fellow-Lenconians, I've uploaded a database to allow you to keep a proper log of your music collection. This software comes in two formats.....read more

1st Sept 2004
Richard Steinfeld generously releases some of his material from a forthcoming book. In this article, he considers cartridges for Lenco turntables.

29th August 2004

Rega/Goldring combination replaces Linn/Shure with amazing results!

29th September 2004

Here's a "different" one from Dina Chilko. The image came in an email with no accompanying text. All you can do is admire the photo and wonder what that door bell is for :-)

Every now and again, we'll feature a Lenco upgrade which we consider to be worthy of special note. Your own design could be featured here, so that the analogue world will bow to your greatness :-)
1 Jean Nantais
2 Tom McQuiggan
3 D&E Finnegan

This website is in the very early stages of development and has only been uploaded at this stage to allow people to suggest topic headings, layout changes, navigation rules, etc.

This website is all about the vintage turntable made by Goldring Lenco - the L/GL75. Built in the 70's by a Swiss Manufacturer, the 75 has long been overlooked by audiophiles and even in its heyday, it was much maligned because of its idler-wheel technology.

At the time, belt-drives were pretty much the "new thang" and anything with an idler-wheel was snubbed by the hi-fi press. The L75 differed from its competitors though, because the idler-wheel didn't drive the outer rim of the platter like other turntables - it drove the underside of the platter - and a very heavy platter at that (8lb).

In addition to the benefits of this unique drive method and heavy, speed-stabilising platter, the unit was fitted with a very high-quality, high-speed, cogless motor.

The only downside of the whole package was the rather poor plinth upon which it sat. It was no different to the other myriad record-players available at the time. This had a significant impact on the quality of sound reproduction and was the main reason that the deck was not recognised as a truly great turntable.

Luckily, for a very small outlay, enthusiastic owners are now rebuilding these tank-like decks and turning them into what is arguably an audiophile's dream machine!

On this site, you will find the story of a few such rebuilds and hopefully, you'll have a mind to try it yourself.



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