Music Page


Well, Where do I start. I love all kinds of music. Everything from Classical, orchestral , instrumental and vocal, even opera although I draw the line at Wagner, Folk, Musical theatre, Rock and Classic Pop, Gospel and sacred music, just about anything except jazz, which I am afraid I have never understood.

I believe music, good music (which I define as the stuff I enjoy), is primarily spiritual in its appeal. It is a gift from God that can reach us im different ways. It may appeal to the physical by making us want to dance, or to the intellectual by making us think, usually about the content of the lyrics. It can transmit emotion, make us feel love, or anger, or optimism, and it can lift our spirits by its sheer beauty. Music is vibrations in the atmosphere, but the way we interpret it makes it so much more meaningful than that. For me, though, truly great music always has a spiritual dimension. And as an engineer, I admire innovation too!

Many of my favourite artists, as I suspect with most people, are from my youth. In those days it was the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, Elvis, etc. But I don't listen to that stuff now! Not much anyway! But then I got interested in rock and particularly so-called progressive rock, bands like Yes, Led Zepelin, Pink Floyd, Genesis (the early stuff anyway), Rush, Queen (again early), the Moody Blues, Renaissance. My interest in folk music led me to Fairport Convention, the Incredible String Band (who were unique), Pentangle, Steeleye Span, and guitarists like Jansch, Renbourn and Giltrap (who was way over the top). I suppose becuse i once used to attempt to play the guitar, not very successfully though!

So most of my music is from a bygone age? Is there nothing new I like? Well, actually yes! I am now into so-called Classical Crossover. Perhaps I have always liked fusions of different genres, just as Prog Rock was a fusion of Classical and Rock styles, we even had "rock sympnonies" and "rock operas" (Pink Floyd though was more like Jazz/Rock). Classical crossover is supposedly a mixture of popular classical music and rock. But is it? Do you remember Mario Lanza? But many of the artists who currently perform this music are young and talented. So we have the likes of Katherine Jenkins, Aled Jones (who has moved on from his boy soprano days), The Three Tenors, Bryn Terfel, Faryl Smith, but for me above all Hayley Westenra. Quite apart from her spectacularly beautiful voice, this girl can sing anything she takes a liking to, Opera, Classical, Hymns, Gospel, Folk, Musical Threatre, Pop songs, even Rap! And she is still only 22 years old. I make no excuse for devoting a special page to her, and I might do the some for some other artists when I get round to it. But Hayley is special!