The Monument to the Man

Obelisk 2 The photo on the left shows my wife, Bren (all 5foot 2inches tall of her), standing by the obelisk. The monument, built in stone, which I guessed at approximately 75 feet high and at least 10 feet square at the base. It is, I was told, shaped roughly like Cleopatra's needle, and the base is made of stone blocks which are approximately 2feet square and 4 feet long with the tower being built in stone blocks approximately 18 inches square and varying length as it rises up the tower. The size of the blocks stuck in my mind when trying to estimate the size of the obelisk, and may also explain the rings in the coble stones where pulleys were attached and horses in the valley below would pull the stones up the hill, possibly on wooden sleds to slide over the cobbles. (High lift cranes and helicopters not being available

in 1832 when it was built).

The folowing inscription is written on one of the metal plates mounted on the side of the base.

In honour and Memory of General Sir David Baird
Bart G.C.B. and K.C
This column was erected A.D. 1832

To indomitable courage in the field.
He united wisdom and prudence in the council.
A brave but generous enemy.
His victories were forever tempered by mercy and with his ardent love of glory was blended the tenderest care for his gallant and devoted followers.
The details of his public services are recorded in the annals of his country.
His private virtues are embalmed in the hearts of his friends.
Honour and duty were the guiding stars of his destiny.
Piety and Charity the leading charactaristics of his mind
He felt no Jealousy, he harboured no Resentments, he knew no Guilt,
In the land of his fathers, he at last found Repose and Happiness in Domestic Life.
Forgetting the cares and turmoils of his eventful and brilliant career and in the exercise of every social and Christian Virtue , he died beloved and lamented as he had lived Honoured and Renowned.

Martin's (that's me) footnote - It is strange that a man that was so highly thought of, and gave to his country, that they, in 1832, carrying tons of stone up a mountainside, raised a monument to him, but we today in 2001, sadly, find that monument is overgrown and neglected, the local tourist office did not even know of the monument so they could not guide me and others to it. An old man who was said to have worked on the estate pointed me in the right direction.
Maybe I am Biased.............BUT..???

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