General Sir David Baird

G.C.B. and K.C

Approximately 3 miles west of Crieff in Perthshire, Scotland, along the A85 road to Comrie look to your left and on the top of one of the hills, Tom na Chaistel, outlined against the sky is a tower, an obelisk, a monument. Take the side road down to the base of the hill and find a pathway, a cobbled path well over a hundred years old which, as it climbs, has iron rings cast into the stone edgings of the cobbles. The path is overgrown and at the top turn left into an area with the obelisk at its centre. All around the obelisk was overgrown when we visited the monument erected to a man, described as, possibly Scotlands greatest General,

General Sir David Baird, Bart G.C.B. and K.C.

Come to


Ecky thump, the wife's in that
jungle somewhere,
mi' last Rolo to the first to find 'er.

gen sir david baird painting
Come and Meet


the picture is a copy of the
painting by Sir David Wilkies
which I believe hangs in the
J. Paul Getty Museum in the
It depicts Baird discovering
the body of Sultan Tipoo Sahib after
the battle for the Indian city of

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