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Tweet: where’s the funding @ Cardiff Council # Youth Cardiff

Like our Campaign Facebook page; Cuts affect YOUth

& Sign our ePetiton

Don't dare build on our only field

I WOULD like to thank everyone from the Ely community and others from outside the community who signed our online petition to save Ely Play Centre.

Also a special thank you to the parents from the Ely community who went that extra mile to do door-to-door knocking to get people to sign petitions. A Facebook page was set up called Friends of the Rec and, wow, what an amazing response!

Then to put more pre ssure on Ely I received a phone call from the Echo... It seems the planners are back, 270 houses on our field.

I would like to state this is not a council proposal.

Well, I have got news for those behind the plan: we do not want your houses at Wilson Road recreation ground, build your houses elsewhere. Build on brown sites and NEVER build on green sites.

Please leave Ely off your plans as we now have two under-8s, under-9s, under-10s, under-11s, under- 12s, under- 13s, under- 15s, under-16s, under-18s and two senior Cardiff Hibernian FC sides representing Ely.

We have worked hard to get funding from Sport Cardiff to get all the coaches on welfare/first aid and leaders' courses.

We have also turned the Ely community around with regards to the football. Many teams from around Cardiff assumed Ely was a bad place. I know from attending the football games we have had positive feedback, other sides are enjoying playing our football teams at our home ground - and I call that progress.

We have people believing in Ely thanks to all the hard work of parents and coaches and we now have business people sponsoring Cardiff Hibernian FC football teams.

We have nine schools involved in a traditional sports day under the name of Elympics and between 3,000 and 4,000 people attended the November 5 firework display. At our firework displays I think it's safe to say the police are more than happy with the way the Ely community come together to make sure it is run safely.

Ely may be a deprived area; however, when it comes to working together all the above proves that Ely sticks together... so, developers, stop thinking of your pockets and how much money you can make.

They are using the past and saying the reason for building 270 is down to anti-social behaviour. Where is the proof now?

I ask if any of you have a heart please come along to any of the above events and please take time to look at our website www.

Or maybe give up your free time for a few weeks and see the damage you could do if we lose the ONLY field in Ely.

I would like to ask the developers if they ever had a sports day and, if so, whether it was important to them. Did any of you play football? Did any of you enjoy firework displays?

Most importantly, did you use green spaces while you were a child? This is our ONLY green field in Ely. If you take it away it will be devastating for the Ely community. We will fight this plan to the very end.

Lynda Sullivan secretary of Ely

Garden villagers and Cardiff

Hibernian FC mini/Junior/youth

Elympics 2014

Our Ref/Cyf: DH/AS/HW

Direct Line/ Llinell Uniongyrchol: (029) 222111

Extension No. Rhif Estyniad: 35-201

Ms Linda Sullivan

84 Llewellyn Avenue

Cardiff CF5 4ED

Dear Linda,

Service to the Community

I wanted to write in order to thank you for the effort and commitment you have put in to working with the local community, which has been brought to my attention by the Neighbourhood Policing Team,

I've been advised by frontline staff that you do everything in your power to arrange activities and facilities for local youths to keep them off the streets and focused on positive goals. Your involvement with local football is extensive, from organising games to finding sponsors and kit. In addition to all this, you keep the Archer Rec area clean and tidy by arranging litter picks and your campaign for the local play centre took particular dedication.

Your tireless work within the community and passionate approach to helping young people is evidenced by the positive links which you personally have built within the community. The successful outcome to all that you do is testament to the esteem in which the community holds you, and importantly, your football work is an invaluable positive channel through which local youths can develop and contribute to the local area.

It is in no small measure due to your efforts and determination to serve the community that crime and anti social behaviour has been kept to a minimum. Thank you, Linda, for your hard work and dedication in all that you do. You are a credit to the community.

Yours sincerely

Chief Inspector Dan Howe


Cardiff Bay Police Station, James Street, Cardiff Bay CF10 5EW Telephone: 029 2022 2111 Facsimile: 029 2052 7280


Gorsaf Heddlu Bae Caerdydd, Stryd James, Bae Caerdydd CF10 5EW Teliffon: 029 2022 2111 Ffacsimili: 029 2052 7280

Under 16s

Ely Garden Villagers would like to thank all the junior schools that took part in this year’s Elympics.

This event was part of the Ely Festival a traditional sports day event which has been successfully run for 5years. It was a great day and all the schools had a really fun day, well done to all the parents that took part in the parent’s race and well done to P.C.S.Os that also took part in the race and joining in with the Ely community.

We would like to thank North Ely Youth Centre staff, Communities First/ACE, Tom the 5sixty officer and the pupils from Michaelston College and everyone else that helped out on the day. Thanks to the Ely Festival Committee for supplying the medals and water for all the children taking part.

A big thank you to AM Mark Drakeford Health Minister and Councillor’s from Caerau Elaine and Peter for coming along to watch all the schools compete, as well as a funday this event is aimed at getting more children involved in active sports to improve fitness, health and wellbeing, unfortunately in this day and age to many children play solely on computer games.

This year’s Elympics winners for the 2nd year running were Hwyel Dda well done to them. The Ely Festival’s final day is on Saturday 12th starting 12’0clock at Ely Western Leisure Centre.

This event was funded by Children in Need their funding will allow us to do other events within our Ely community. On behalf of Ely Garden Villagers thank you Children in Need.

Lynda Sullivan

Secretary of Ely Garden Villagers

& Cardiff Hibernian Mini/junior/youth FC

84 Llewellyn Avenue




Tel: 07825517555