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Hi all

I have been contacted by a friendly publisher, Fingerpress, who have kindly agreed to publish Smallworld, one of my extensive collection of unpublished novel-length manuscripts. For this reason, I've removed /Smallworld from the site, and only a link to Fingerpress's website is included below. The other manuscripts remain, and I've added a new one, There Ain't Gonna Be No World War Three. This is the latest in the Ant and Cleo series, and sends Ant and Cleo on a slightly shorter journey than they're used to, into an incomprehensible alien civilization.


Dominic Green

In a tiny former Soviet republic in Eastern Europe, there is a hole that goes down forever.

Wild predictions of an apocalyptic future and the bizarre obsessions of previous unhinged dictatorships surround it. Geologists hope the hole goes all the way down to the earth's mantle. Occultists and demonologists hope they are right.

It was supposed to be a walk in the woods. Abduction by a UFO was certainly not supposed to happen. Especially not a UFO made in England.

Now available as a free download, Kindle download, or actual book with actual pages.

The world shouldn't have had Earthlike surface gravity - it was only kilometres across. But there was something there the mining company needed - even if that rendered Mount Ararat uninhabitable.

The long dreaded sequel to Saucerers and Gondoliers.

Somewhere in Bedfordshire, someone may be working on a bomb that could destroy a world. Mysterious Men in Black need Ant and Cleo to find out for sure, but they'll have to get past Flossie and the girls first...

Cleo is soglad not to be going to Germany. She hates sausages, and knows for a fact that every adult German male is forced to wear Lederhosen and slap his thighs lustily by law. But Commodore Drummond needs Ant and Cleo in Germany - there is a thing there, long forgotten, that could change the course of the war with Earth. Unfortunately, Larry's not far behind them - and this time, he's in wolf's clothing...