The Beginning

The Build

- Get a Donor Car

- Stripdown

- Clean-up

- The Kit

- Assembly

The Adventures

I arranged to collect my long wheelbase Super Sport kit on the 28th July 2006. I was going to collect the kit in my newly acquired Toyota Master Ace Surf. I'd bought the 'van' off ebay at the end of April for a few hundred quid with the kit collection in mind. It's still going strong a year on. I love my van!

Toyota Master Ace Surf image

My lovely Van

Rather than do the 410 mile round trip all in one day I decided, at the last minute, to drive down the night before. I arrived at Bayton, my destination, at about half past midnight. The village is small and there didn't appear to be anywhere unobtrusive to park up overnight, so I turned around and drove a mile or so back to Clows Top. I parked in a Car Park by the main road, drew my curtains and got my head down.

map of trip image

The route to my kit

Next morning I called Phil and then went to collect my kit. Phil's a very nice chap, lives in a lovely olde house in a lovely olde village - lucky chap. Anyway, we had a chat and a cuppa, I loaded my goodies into my cavernous van, paid up and set off back for home.

What to say about the kit? Well, you don't get a great deal (only enough to build the best looking little 3 wheeler going). A chassis, a build manual, some altered parts (suspension arms, accelerator pedal, etc) and that's about it. Oh yes, you also get a set of templates for cutting the car's bodywork panels from aluminium sheets. I guess if you want a noddy build then you'd be better off with a different kit.

birdseye view of kit laid out

A birdseye view of the kit, plus donor parts, taken by Brian Carmichael during his build of chassis no. 19. Nicked from an old Pembleton builders / owners magazine, PAG issue 9.

On arrival back home I unloaded the kit into my garage, where it stayed untouched over winter. As I say elsewhere in the site, I've been lazy. Bad toad, bad toad!