The Beginning

The Build

The Adventures

In March 2006, I stumbled upon a web-site which has information about a 3 wheeled kit car. The kit car is based on a Citroen 2CV donor car. It looks fantastic, is relatively cheap and they look like a lot of fun.

Here's a photo of the car. Nice hey!

It's called a Pembleton Super Sports Grasshopper.

And, guess what! It'll only cost somewhere around 2 grand to get one on the road. To quote Homer (the yellow one, not the Greek guy), "Woohoo!".

Image of Keith Bull's Pembleton Super Sports Grasshopper

Keith Bull's Pembleton Super Sports Grasshopper

I joined the forum at the Pembleton web-site, enquired about the kit and asked if there was one I could have a look at near to where I live. Crackleport kindley offered to get his Grasshopper (affectionately called 'No. 2', that being the chassis number) out of hibernation and meet at a pub on the North Yorkshire Moors. We met up, talked Pembletons, had a ride in No.2 and I was hooked.

Image of No.2

Crackleport's No.2 touring the Alps

I told my neighbour and friend Tony about the Grasshopper. He had a look on the Pembleton website and guess what? He liked it so much that he decided to build one as well!

Tony and myself went to Stoneleigh Kit Car Show and met a bunch of Pembleton Owners. They were all really friendly, answered all of our stupid questions and gave loads of build advice. It seems that wherever they go someone always wants to ask about their Pembleton - which was fine at the show, but can be a bit tiring day-to-day. So, not a car for the 'shrinking violets' out there!

I received a message via the Pembleton forum which informed me that a Pembleton Grasshopper lived in the village next door to mine, owned by a guy called Paul. Small world or what! So there will soon be 3 'hoppers within 2 miles of one another. We'll have to form a club or something :o)

I contacted Paul, met up, talked Pembletons, had a ride in his 'hopper, and borrowed his 2CV A-frame when I went to pick up my donor car.

Everyone that I've met during my Pembleton journey so far has been really friendly. A top bunch of blokes! (and bloke-ettes of course :o)

Oh! and I ordered my Pembleton Super Sports Grasshopper kit at the end of March. The receipt from Phil G. of the Pembleton Motor Company was dated 2nd May 2006.

The contact details for the Pembleton range of kits (they do a 4 wheeler as well) can be found on the car page on the excellent Pembleton website.

Image of the 4 wheeled Brooklands

The 4 wheeled 'Brooklands' kit. Note BMW engine, which is an option for both cars.

Engine options for Pembleton's are 2CV & BMW flat twins and, as of the end of 2008, a Motor Guzzi V-twin.

Image of Guzzi Grasshopper

THE chassis No.1 Pembleton Grasshopper, with Moto Guzzi engine.

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