The Beginning

The Build

- Get a Donor Car

- Stripdown

- Clean-up

- The Kit

- Assembly

The Adventures

Okay, so I'd decided to build a Pembleton Grasshopper. The intention was to have it as a winter project, as I'd spent last winter rotting in front of the TV. However, I'd got hooked and couldn't wait until winter. I wanted one now!

I put some feelers out locally for an MOT failed 2CV and also kept an eye out on ebay. The ebay 2CV's all seemed to be down south and most went for more than I wanted to pay. One day, however, I saw a Citroen Dyane in the 'car parts' section of ebay. I bid on the Dyane and won it. Now I just had to figure out how to get it back to North Yorkshire from Northampton (a 400 mile round trip).

ebay bid image

My winning bid

I borrowed a car with a tow bar, a 2CV A-frame and set off for Northampton. Four hours later I was 80 lighter (well I had to buy a couple of speedo's and some chrome wheel hub covers as well didn't I :o) and heading back up north with a Dyane in tow. Four hours later I was home, tired and bleary eyed. My petrol cost as much as I'd paid for the donor!

I unhooked the Dyane, started her up and reversed her onto the drive. The neighbours were no doubt wondering what the hell was going on, as there was now 2 old, rusting 2CV's sitting on the drives in front of 2 houses in the road - mine and my neighbour Tony's, who is also building a Pembleton. Property prices were plummeting!

Just wait until both cars are up on axle stands and being stripped. That'll get the tongues wagging.