Old Photos Page 1 - Who & Where Are They?

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I think this one could be someone well known in 1936.

The quality of the presentation is very high indeeed, and his clothes are very well tailored.

There are 2 signatures as you can see.

I would guess that one is the photographer and the other the person in the photo.

Unfortunately I can't make out what either says.

Top one looks like Clay Michael and the other Thomas ? Acre (D'Acre?)

Anyone recognise him?



This group of mixed bathers look a bit chilly.


  Photographs were printed by

  Bayley's Photo Store
  103 Union Street







Young man posing

 at the backdoor.







This is one of a set of 5 aerial photos taken of the coastline.

It has been identified as Eastbourne, with The Grand Hotel on the seafront.














It isn't clear what is going on in this photo


What is he holding over her head?


She seems to be pushing him away.


Small photo dated 14/7/1925





This was from a small set entitled 'Grandad and Mick'.


Where would they be going dressed in their smart matching blazers and white trousers?











Suprisingly enough, this child

in the enormous bonnet

is probably a little boy.

Photo is dated 21/10/1903

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