Senior School Days


This was out of school activities while at senior school



Butlins 1960ish.

My parents,

 David Town (Greenmere & St. Birinus)

 and Rosemary Town, (Greenmere & St. Frideswides)

Carole Franklin (WGS & DGGS)

and myself Barbara Town (Greenmere, WGS & DGGS).




Shirley Ralston (East Hagbourne/Wallingford Grammar & Didcot Girl's Grammar) sister of Peter Ralston

Judy Pearce (Greenmere/Wallingford Grammar & Didcot Girl's Grammar)

Ann Norris (Northbourne & St. Frideswides)



Didcot ATC

 Phil Brasher in Centre, not sure if it is Geoffrey Mellotti (WGGS) extreme left.


Anyone recognise the others?

Not sure where photo came from.

My Yorkshire friend Yvonne Gervis's birthday party at East Hagbourne..

This was a brilliant party I remember. No parents and lots of games like blindfold guess the smell, and guess what was in the feely bag, sardines etc.

Back row: male, girl sat on knee of Yvonne's older brother Tony Gervis , boy just a face at back, Allan Gloucester with hands clasped together, curly haired boy, boy by the Xmas tree looking pensive

Middle row: Yvonne Gervis (Stick-eye-bud), girl pale top (Avril?), girl darker top, behind them profile is Susan Wells, posh boy in suit, boy in paler jacket, Yvonne's older sister Diane Gervis

Front row: girl semi profile, Dilys? with hand on chin, girl white top,
Me - Barbara Town (bad hair day), girl in patterned dress and white cardy.


Pauline Field, Bobbie Beale and her sisterWendy Beale.
All WG & DGGS.

Carole Franklin & Bobbie Beale.
Sadly Bobbie died several years ago.

Carole Franklin (Mockers) and Bobbie Beale.

Bobbie Beale and Carole Franklin


After Schooldays