Old Photos Page 7 - Who Are They?

'This is a more formal effort. My dark complexion is not due to sunburn but to the fact that I kept in the shade as the sun was too strong. The palatial looking building in the right of the background is one of the bungalows in which we live, but it looks far better from the photo than it does to us in reality. The same goes for the Indian Palm just behind us'.Signature looks like Fred. -80p for small photo




I have had this cutting for some time now, and the enthusiasm always makes me laugh







Who are these top brass servicemen?

I think this was taken abroad as the postcard says 'Caliofix Postkarte D R P'.

It must have been warm because all the windows are open & notice that they open inwards



2 cowboys South Africa..





I love this photo

What is going on here?
Taken at Eagle Studios, 3 Riebeek Street, Cape Town - £1

Group of Sargeants




Seven Sargeants and 2 dogs - £1








4 ladies having a dinner - possibly wartime.

Reverse says taken at Davey's Embassy by Super Flash photos Clacton on sea.

Mrs Aldridge written in pencil - 60p