Old Photos Page 5 - Who Are They?


A bombed building from the old reel of film. Somewhere in Germany - any idea which town? I think it is Berlin.





Another bombed part of a German city.


Unfortunately the road signs are not legible.

This was a bad picture off the old film .This frame had scratches across it.

I'm not sure whether this is the right way round either.


Off the old film

An aerial view of a German bombed city.


Which one?








Another off old film.

2 soldiers and their gun.

Are they British, and where was it taken?

group of airmen



What service were these men in?

They have a white band in their caps.

Photo taken by
Seamans, Marine parade. Scarborough.

Where was this taken? - £1

Factory girls

This photo probably dates back to 1918s, there are a few others.


Anybody know anything about the people in the above poem?

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