Old Photos Page 4 - Who Are They?

Studio photo of young lady. Taken in Milan or Genova in Italy - £1




2 ladies by the seaside.

Looks like a cold day as they are well wrapped up - small photo .



Angiolino Martinucci

as a young man taken in Italy in 1938.


I believe he came from a fairly rich family, Fratelli Martinucci

making and working in Alabaster, at Volterra and S Gimignano

in Italy and having a romance with Letty GardhamI have many more photos of Angiolino Martinucci and friends.













This was one of several photos off an old end of the war reel of film.

I'm not sure where it was taken or what is going on.



This is another off the film.

It shows 3 high ranking British military

capturing a Nazi flag, with another

soldier on extreme left who looks

Italian or similar.

Where was this taken? The steps are littered with bomb debris.

Maybe these pictures need to go to the War Museum or be archived somewhere, as they have obviously never been seen before. The photos I produced are much clearer as these have been reduced for these pages.



Another from the old reel of film.

Does this scene look familiar?

I am not sure whether this has been processed the right way round from negative. Gun may be actually pointing in opposite direction.


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