Old Photos Page 2 - Who Are They?









I am certain this picture was taken in Woolworths - I wonder what he could buy for 3/9?





A Young man still in short trousers.




Group of men outside a dilapidated barn.

I think this small photo dates from about 1916 .




Family group taken in the

 back garden.

Shame someone in the back row moved her head.









A lacey lady in a lacey studio booth.


This pub is in Birmingham.

Since putting it on this page I have learnt that it was run by a distant relative of mine

Is it still there?

Brewery is Aston Brewery Birmingham.

The landlord was George Anson Slater and his wife Flo (Florence).

Any further information?




One of my favourite postcards.


From a little lump of fun - LIZZIE
Her address - 38 Home Park Road, Wimbledon Park.

Card sent to: Miss Vi Mayter, The Lane, Feltwell Nr. Brandon, Norfolk.


Postcard £1


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