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WEAVER - Staffs

William Weaver born abt 1733 at Trentham. Married Elizabeth Elkin born1733 at Trentham on 25.9.1759.

Richard Weaver born 19.10.1774 at Colton. Married Ellen Radford (died 28.6.1809)

Ann Weaver born August 1807 at Colton. Married Samuel Preston born 1808 at Marchington.


ALCOCK/ALLCOCK - Mayfield area, Staffs

William Alcock born 5.12.1702 at Checkley. Married Anna Rushton born April 1702 on 29.3.1725.

Thomas Alcock born 12.8.1727 at Cheadle. Married Elizabeth Wilding on 9.4.1816.

John Alcock born 19.10.1755 at Cauldon. Married Elizabeth Walker on 5.4.1779.

Martha Alcock born 12.8.1773 at Cauldon. Married William Brindley born 1777 at Cauldon on 13.6.1796 at Alstonfield.


Hugh Warrington born abt 1673 at Fenny Bentley. Married Dorothy.

James Warrington born 1697 at Fenney Bentley. Married Elizabeth Smith.

John Warrington born 1745 at Ellastones. Married Sara Clews born 1751 at Mayfield on 17.2.1770 at Mayfield,

Keziah Warrington born 1798 at Cauldon. Married John Brindley born 16.4.1797 at Cauldon on 29.4.1816 at Cauldon.

HOLMES - Staffs

John Holmes born abt 1740. Married Elizabeth.

John Holmes born 5.6.1763 at Caverswall. Married Elizabeth Ginder from Rocester on 10.4.1780.

John Holmes born 23.6.1780 at Cheadle. Married Sara Morton born 10.6.1781 at Lapley on 24.12.1799.

Sarah Holmes born 1.12.1805 at Ellastone. Married Richard Sutton born 13.12.1805 (died 29.3.1872)

RUSHTON - Staffs

Thomas Rushton born abt 1680 married Lydia

Anna Rushton born April 1702 (died1775) married William Alcock born 5.12.1702.

CLEWS - Staffs

Mary Clews born abt 1730 at Ipstones - husband unknown

Sara Clews born 1751 at Mayfield married John Warrington born 1745 at Ellastone on 17.2.1770 at Mayfield.


William Tunnicliffe born abt 1725 married Ann Butler on 7.11.1740.

Sara Tunnicliffe born 25.6.1746 at Barton Under Needwood married John Brindley born 13.2.1743 on 13.12.1772 at Alstonfield.

ELKIN - Staffs

Thomas Elkin born abt 1710 - wife unknown

Elizabeth Elkin born 1733 at Trentham married William Weaver born 1744 at Trentham on 25.9.1759 at Trentham.


J Elkin from Berks - john.elkin@virgin.net - ENDON, BROWN EDGE AND TAMWORTH IN STAFFORDSHIRE.

GINDER - Staffs

John Ginder born 114.5.1749 at Rocester married Hannah.

Elizabeth Ginder born 1765 at Rocester married John Holmes born 5.6.1763 at Caverswall on 10.4.1780.


Ellis Froggatt - wife unknown

James Froggatt born abt 1740 married Mary.

Hannah Froggatt born 31.10.1760 at Leek married Richard Weston born 6.5.1770 at The Licks on 7.8.1790 at Alton.

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