Married Life
October 1963


Me & dad arriving at church.

Dad and I arrive at the Church of the English Martyrs - Didcot

Wedding group

Sister Rosemary Town, Best man Chris Smith, Bill, me, sister-in-law Katy, and my sister's best friend Vivienne Hancox



Not many people owned cameras for taking colour photos when we got married, so we were really lucky to get given 3 colour pictures by one of the guests.

Hardly anyone went abroad for their honeymoon then - we went to Brighton.


colour photo of wedding


We started married life in a caravan at Ladygrove Caravan Park, Blewbury until we were offered an AERE prefab on site at Harwell .

We bought a plot of land in Didcot for £1,000 and built our own bungalow for £2,500 total.

We moved into the bungalow in 1965 and soon afterwards I discovered that I was pregnant.


Here we are at my best friend Doreen Withey's wedding.

I am 6 months pregnant.

With us is another friend Sandra Bosley from Harwell who used to work in Lloyds bank on AERE site with Doreen.




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