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The Hammersley Coat of Arms


Hammersley crest


(Red.. Three Gold Rams. Heads Severed.)

Above the shield & helmet is the crest described as A Gold Half Griffin Holding in its Right Claw A Red Pointed Cross Crosslet.






Here are my grandparents GEORGE HAMMERSLEY born 1 May 1877 at Alton, Staffs and ELDA ANN HAMMERSLEY (nee Preston) born 1 May 1881 in Marchington, Staffs, with 2 of their 5 children Joseph and Gabrielle.

Their other children were Hilda and her twin brother George and Paul.












This is a picture of my grandparents taken about 1953 and they didn't change much after this.

It is the only one I have of Grandad smiling.

He had written on the back of the photo 'if you knew what Gran had just said to me you'd be smiling too.'

I have restored and coloured original photo with Photoshop.




Here is my Uncle Joe Hammersley (the little boy pictured in the first picture above).

He died a short while ago in January 2002, and he is pictured here doing what he loved best, playing the accordian.

The 1881 Census Return for my Great Great Grandparents HANNAH (nee Weston) & WILLIAM HAMMERSLEY shows them resident at 37 Alton Village, Alton, Staffs.

William born at Church Broughton, Derbyshire was age 73 owning a 14 acre farm. He lived with his wife Hannah, age 66. who was born at Farley, Staffs.

Their son Bennett age 36, born at Alton, is shown as a Farmers son.

Their daughter Agnes , born at Alton, was 31 and married to Daniel Tabbernor, a Beer Seller. She had their 2 children with her that night - John W Tabbernor,age 7, born Uttoxeter, and Mary Agnes Tabbernor, age 8 months, born at Marchington.

Agnes Tabbernor

This is Agnes Tabbernor, who was married to Charles Taylor.

She was the grandaughter of the above Agnes Tabbernor.

There were 2 other grandchildren resident on census night - John W Hammersley, born at Alton and age 11 and Henriette Hammersley, born at Alton age 10. These were the children of another son, David Hammersley.

The 1881 Census Return for ANN & WILLIAM HAMMERSLEY ( my Great Grandparents and father of George in photo above) shows them resident at Alton Village.

William, was a Butcher . Both he and wife Ann were born at Alton and age 41.

Living with them were their children Frances age 16, Richard 13, Hannah 10 , Esther 8, and Mary Agnes age 9 months, all born at Alton. Their other children, William and Bernard age 5, George age 3 and Albert age 2 were all born at Uttoxeter.


This is a party group - from left to right William Hammersley, George Hammersley and maybe Dick Burton.

In front row are their wives, Elda Ann Preston in middle and Aunt Polly (Mary Agnes Hammersley extreme right.

The 1891 Census Return for ANN & WILLIAM HAMMERSLEY & family (same family as before) - now shows them 10 years later resident at Waterhouses Alton, Staffs. William was not at home on census night.

Annie now age 51 was this time shown as being born at Uttoxeter rather than Alton.

With her were her children all born at Uttoxeter - William a 16 year old Builders Labourer, Bernard a 15 year old Baker, George a 13 year old Builders Labourer (my grandad) and Albert a 12 year old Domestic Servant.

........also Mary Agnes Hammersley, age 10, born at Alton.

She was known to everyone as Aunt Polly.

Mary Agnes Hammersley

This was her husband Francis Richard (Dick) Burton. They married 5.11.1903.

They had 8 children - Mary Agnes, Katherine (Kitty), Hilda, Winifred (Winnie), George, Nellie, Francis (Frank) and Joe.

Richard Burton

Polly & Dick Burton


Aunt Polly and Uncle Dick, taken at Alton, Staffs.



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