Schooldays Photos

This page is to give visibility to all the photos I have been sent by members of a group of about 30 of us who went to school in Didcot or Wallingford area.

If anyone is interested in becoming part of the group, then please email me






Mereland Infant School, Didcot, Berks


Not sure who sent this photo

Mereland Infants School, Didcot, Berks

Teacher is Mrs Eastlake.

My mother used to look after her son David while she was teaching. Mrs Eastlake's husband was a Major in the Army.

My sister Rosemary Town was in her class.


David Eastlake who lived at the Army Camp in Didcot.

His father was Major Eastlake.

His mother Mrs Eastlake taught at Mereland Infant School - see photo above.



Greeenmere Christmas School Play - Didcot

Form 3

Michael O'Donnell is the boy in the dressing gown centre stage, with Margeret?? by his side, Valerie Crook to left of stage, possibly
Marshall Pratley extreme left.




Greeenmere Christmas School Play - Didcot

Form 3


These were submitted by Michael O'Donnell.



Greenmere School Party

Boys left to right: Vernon Orr, ????, Marshal Pratley, Michael O'Donnell

Girls left to right: Sharon Newman, Stephanie Earl, Madeleine Rouse, Anne Sutton

Another good picture submitted by Michael O'Donnell.

Greenmere School Sports Day

'Pop' Rigby in background - Madeleine Rouse, Carol Knap, Rosalyn Bristow, Janice Chadwick, Enid Pulling, Anne Sutton, Dedrie???,
Michael O'Donnell Posing Centre, Sharon Newman, Valerie Goodenough. Kneeling... Martin Rix, Marshal Pratley, Terry Pullen, ???

Photo sent by Michael O'Donnell



Junior Years