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My Grandmother Elda Ann Preston, photographed as a young girl with her mother KEZIA BRINDLEY born at Cauldon Low in Staffordshire on 23rd June 1842. (same birthday as her grandaughter Hilda ).

Kezia was married to Samuel Preston. (see Preston page for photo)


I have restored this faded & badly creased photo and then coloured it with Photoshop.

KEZIA(H) , a female name from the Hebrew 'qetziah, is a biblical Old Testament name, given to the second of the three beautiful daughters of Job. Its literal meaning is supposed to be 'as beautiful as the cassia tree'.

First used by the 17th c. Puritans, it was a favourite name in the 18th c. and common in the 19th c. In America it became a popular slave name, often in its pet forms Kizzie or Kissie.

Someone has recently checked the 1881 census and estimates that there were about 7,500 Keziah(h)s in Britain at that time,

Kerenhappuch, like Keziah, was a daughter of Job. His other daughter had the now more familiar name Jemima.

Keziah Brindley also had a sister called Jemima.

Brindley Line

William Brindley born 1720 at Alstonfield married Ellen

John Brindley born 13.2.1743 at Alstonfield. Married Sara Tunnicliffe born 23.6.1746 at Barton Under Needwood on 13.12.1772 at Alstonfield.

William Brindley born 1777 at Cauldon. Married Martha Alcock born 12.8.1773 at Cauldon on 13.6.1796.

John Brindley born 16.4.1797 at Cauldon. Married Kezia Warrington born 1793 at Cauldon on 29.4.1816.

James Brindley born 23.6.1816. Married Ann Salt born 1821 at Cauldon on 28.3.1842 at Alton.


Kezia Brindley born 23.6.1842 at Cauldon Low. Married Samuel Preston born 14.10.1841 at Mavesyn Ridware on 26.1.1865.




Wedding of Johnny Sherwood & Kitty Burton

at Alton in Staffordshire


Back: Joe Burton, Cyril Wood, unknown, Nelly Burton, unknown, unknown, Frank Burton, George Burton,
George Brindley, Mary Brindley, Paddy McNichol,George Hammersley - my grandad

Middle: unknown, Groom's brother, unknown, Johnny Sherwood, Kitty Burton, Dick Burton,
Mary Agnes Burton (Aunt Polly), Hilda (Burton) McNichol, (baby) Dennis McNichol.

Front: Margaret Brindley, George Brindley, Winnie Swindells, Mary Brindley


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