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About Lone Coyote Productions 

Lone Coyote Productions was formed in June 1996 as the organisation behind SpeakEasy - a monthly live acoustic-ish music club featuring established and new performers, with emphasis on local artists. SpeakEasy ran for just over two years at the Cybar in Brighton, before venue problems led to it ending. Over its two years, the club played host to somewhere in the region of eighty performers, earned an excellent reputation and launched a snazzy website.

In July 1999 SpeakEasy briefly relaunched at The Lift in Brighton, with a revised format of three featured acts and an open mic spot. Events tailed off when the lone coyote got a 'real' job as an events promoter for a large book and record store - booking Turin Brakes, Marc Almond, Patti Smith, John Cale, JK Rowling, Jamie Oliver amongst others. 

Lone Coyote Records officially came into being in June 2000, as the business arm of Lone Coyote Productions. Having spent time and effort helping particular artists to develop with bits and bobs of promotional and marketing work, it seemed a natural progression to take this to the next step, to become a independent label, with dedicated artist management and promotion. 

In 2005 Lone Coyote continues to promote and publicise Brighton indie-acoustic singer-songwriter Al Start.

Lone Coyote Productions has been involved in the following projects: