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The Lion Azure

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This site is intended to be in character, with the obvious exception of the out of character page, but seems to keep wandering out of character. Hopefully it'll come in line over time.


OK, this is somewhat strange and difficult to explain, but we're not from this place.

Originally our founders were part of the Lion Azure mercenary company under Captain Ash, but that was in a different place or a different time that they all shared memories of. Starting in 1101 they started to meet one another. They weren't always immediately recognisable to one another, coming from different places and even some of the unusual races of this world as well as being from different groups in the Lion Azure, but all shared memories of time with Captain Ash.

To the founders this is a strange world. The physical world looks like normal - the mountains, plants, rivers, sky all look familiar, even most of the animals - it's the people that are most different. Yes, many of the people look normal and there are even many recognisable nations: the Franks and Iberians are present, but called the Gryphons; the English are known as the Lions; the Holy Roman Empire and the Germanies are called the Vipers; the Welsh, Scots and Irish together are the Fir Cruthen; and the Norse are known as the Wolves while the peoples of the East are referred to as the Nomads and the Jhereg. There's no sign of the Burgundians (unless they're part of the Vipers), nor of Carthage, the Visigoths or even the Turks. Creatures of legend and nightmare walk the land and in many cases both behave and are treated like normal people. The Green Christ is unheard of, though may be known here as the Green Man, but many of the older gods are worshipped. Magicks are common-place, not only the occasional priestly miracles but controlled magick, there are people to whom magick is their profession and colleges where they study.

It has been many years and many battles since then and our losses have most often been replaced by locals with no memories of Captain Ash. This has led to there being many company members with no knowledge of Captain Ash or the old company. Tales are told to try retain the knowledge of Ash within the company, though many do not believe, but it is fading and with time may be lost completely.

Mercenaries have a strange life here. Many have employment as gate guards and similar low risk occupations while the nations save their large armies for battles. Nobody seems to realise that putting mercenaries on your gate is ridiculous as they don't have the ties of loyalty that is needed nor can they be expected to recognise who belongs and who doesn't. Although the numbers of mercenary companies appears to be increasing there don't seem to be any mercenary companies that are large enough to make a significant difference on the battlefield, which may explain how they are used. Maybe that will change if we can find more recruits for the companies.

Anyway, until we get word from Captain Ash we'll just have to do what we can to keep the Lion Azure going and try to earn money for the company chest.


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Click on the links below for more detail and some pictures of the events the Lion Azure has attended.

Pre-Renewal 1101 Practice

Prior to the Festival of Renewal 1101 a few of us came together and had a social gathering, we also took the time to get some much needed practice in.

Renewal 1101

The biggest event of the year and most of us survived it.

Planning for 1102

Planning went well for the 1102 campaign season. We intended to have a force at each of the main events of the year's campaign season. As part of our wintering contract with them we saw action with the Fir Cruthen as they fought to retake Glasgi.

This year we were specifically recruiting and training archers to increase our ability to fight in the light infantry role. The plan being that around half of the unit would be archers of some kind by the time the campaign season came along and the rest supporting and protecting them in battle. We were also keen on getting some musicians - it saves on travelling costs if we can pay for our supper with music instead of using our limited coin.

The first archery practice sessions went very well. Over half the company's current strength was involved in the second session.

Prelude 1102

Lost in a mountain with no idea who we were or what we were there for. Somehow we made it through despite massive amounts of opposition.

Crusade 1102

Off to free a fortified city from the Greenskins, for once we're doing the attacking rather than the defending.

Fayre 1102

Next we're off to sunny Albion for what, we're assured, is the nicest time of the year. 

Summit 1102

At a secret valley in Norsca the Summit of nations was held to plan the next year's campaigns against the Greenskins. Unfortunately many mercenaries gave their lives.

Renewal 1102

Time for everyone to take it to the Greenskins. A lot of hard fighting with some serious gains and dangerous decisions.

Planning for 1103

Planning has been ongoing for the 1103 campaign season with our new structure in place. Again we intend to have a force at each of the main events of the year's campaign season.

Yet again we are specifically recruiting and training archers to replace our losses from the previous year.

The first archery practice session of the year went well.

Viper Banquet, Spring 1103

Time to take a break. We went, we ate, we fell down unable to stand under the extra weight.

Crusade 1103

Right, so we're at the Greenskins' homeland, though maybe not quite where we hoped, time to get up close and personal with the Emperor and his friends.

Return to Heart of Darkness 1103

Back home and it's time to sort out the political situation, though some of the Greenskins seem just a little miffed about losing their Emperor.

Fayre 1103

Time for a welcome break at the gorgeous Isle de Pommes, just off Estragalia. 

Renewal 1103

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Erin we go. Everyone gathered together to hand out a bit of pain to the Tokra forces that have been occupying and destroying the Green island for the past few years.

Samhain 1103

While wintering with the Fir Cruthen we spent some time at the festival of Samhain in Bronnagh.

Planning for 1104

Planning was very limited for the 1104 campaign season. Yet again we intend to have a force at each of the main events of the year's campaign season.

As always we are specifically recruiting and training archers.

Portents 1104

Fighting the Blood Queen in Estragales.

Fayre 1104

Time for a welcome break on the steppes. 

Foreboding 1104

Off to sunny Albion to hunt for information to help us stop the Blood Queen

Renewal 1104

Time to visit Teutonia in the summer. Everyone gathered together in the hope of giving the Blood Queen a bloody nose but it didn't quite work out that way.

Planning for 1105

Planning was muted for the 1105 campaign season after the losses at Renewal. We still intend to have a force at each of the main events of the year's campaign season but morale is a little low.

Recruiting is going very badly, it's getting harder to find volunteers as the campaign casualties mount.

Devastation 1105

Up against the Blood Queen and her new allies, The Swarm, in a badly hit area of Norsca. Looking to finally take the Blood Bitch down.

Fayre 1105

We thought we'd been invited to join the Emperor for Fayre but it turned out we weren't wanted.

Wasteland 1105

Something's got the Swarm worried up in Siberija, time to go have a look.

Renewal 1105

Everyone gathered in Estragales for some Swarm bashing - the Swarm made sure we didn't forget about them.

Planning for 1106

Planning has been somewhat more advanced for the 1106 campaign season following the successes at Renewal. Practice has been a lot more keenly attended and more advanced training has been available.

Retribution 1106

Off to the far North for some more Swarm bashing - unfortunately the Swarm weren't keen.

Return to Erness Marr 1106

Back to our favourite haunted part of Albion on an information hunt.

Fayre 1106

Back to the lands of the Norscans, but this time for a far happier and relaxing visit though with a lot of planning and talking.

Renewal 1106

Over to Noravik in Jhereg lands for cultists and demons, tea and medals.

Planning for 1107

Planning has been quite chaotic for the 1107 campaign season following the invasion of Erin.

Invasion 1107

Erin has been invaded and it looks like Albion may be next.

Suukou Kaigi 1107

Gathering on an imperial island while they decide on a new Shogun.

Fayre 1107

It's possible the Jhereg could have found a worse place to hold Fayre, but it would have been hard.

Renewal 1107

Back to the damp land of Albion to try to stem the tide of the Invaders.

Planning for 1108

We have been very busy planning for the 1108 campaign season following our many losses in 1107.

Vengeance 1108

Fighting at the beachhead in Erin, sometimes it felt like the land was wetter than the sea.

Forest of Erin 1108

Deep in the Great Forest of the Erin, fae and spirits abound.

Carnivale 1108

Time out at the Isle de Pommes where it only seems to rain if you need cooling down.



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