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discussionForum is committed to taking the New Dialogue to its natural conclusion. As such, we believe that the public discourse, which is the Internet, must be taken advantage of.

We therefore, take this opportunity to present our views.


Going going gone - Earl Blankenship, July 2002

Laszlo Zumwalt flees police!

Blankenship Interview - Prof EKB interviewed by Damien Kohbahldt!

Blankenship Lecture, Behaviour Actualisation Conference Winter 2001

Disinclinations, EK Blankenship Oct 2001

Contemporary Structural Deviations: the need for controlled response, EK Blankenship July 2001

Upsetting the Applecart, Laszlo Zumwalt Apr 2000

Maintaining Control, EK Blankenship July 2000
as HTML file  or  PDF (UK printers) / PDF (USA printers)

What Are We Waiting For?, EK Blankenship

Immoralities And The American Soul: Dark Journeys On The Mind Train Of History,
Dr Clarabel Finch-Puig July 2000
as HTML file  or PDF

Soul Doubt: The Pruning of the American Dream, Dr Clarabel Finch-Puig July 2000
as HTML file  or PDF

The Steamroller, Stroehn Lazhdehn

The Mouse and the Fox, Laszlo Zumwalt May 1999

Determinations relating to the Current Economic Fluctuations, Prof Blankenship March 1998


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