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discussionForum was created to enable a proactive assessment of the potentialities of contemporary currents of thought. Its aim is to produce not only a dialogue, but a total intellectual system which will render previous systems superfluous. The supremacy of the Market can only be brought about when "alternatives" have been obliterated from the "public" mindset; further, discussionForum's work will only be complete when, in the words of our own Prof. Earl K Blankenship, the "public has been privatised."


Prof Blankenship's latest tome: Going going gone

Prof Blankenship Interview!

Important information from discussionForum's Behaviour Actualisation Conference 2001 (download minutes - NB some items CONFIDENTIAL).

discussionForum is delighted to announce the arrival of our latest scholar, Dr Clarabel Finch-Puig, who joins us from the University of Bink (go to Scholar biographies).

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