Globalisation pundit flees police pursuit

InterNation Press, May 20, 2002

Jeremy Snale, Staff Reporter

Interpol have announced that they are seeking the whereabouts of renowned pro-globalisation pundit Lazslo Zumwalt. They have stated that they believe he has "gone into hiding", and strongly urged him to give himself up.

Zumwalt, who became known as an important member of the discussionForum™ thinktank, as well as an associate of the eminent EK Blankenship, was last seen at the University of Bink on March 31. Zumwalt was due to deliver a lecture on the changing nature of the globalisation debate.

His disappearance came after revelations that Lazenbee Industries, the shadowy conglomerate he sometimes advised, was heading for bankruptcy, following allegations of massive fraud and links to "rogue states". As well, Zumwalt sat on the board of InterMan, the International Management Institute based in Bink. InterMan is now under investigation by the World Court, after an affidavit was received from the Truth Commission. In a surprising twist, the Truth Foundation was set up by Blankenship. Blankenship and Zumwalt are believed to be feuding since the breakup of discussionForum™.

An Interpol spokesman said: "We have a great need to speak with Mr Zumwalt. We would urge him to make himself available to us."

No one from discussionForum™, Prof. Blankenship's private office or InterMan were available for comment.

Lazenbee Industries did issue the following statement, however:

"Lazenbee Industries employed discussionForum™ in an advisory capacity. We did not necessarily endorse nor follow their advice. Our involvement with Mr Zumwalt was fleeting. Mr Zumwalt never visited the offices of Lazenbee Industries, and Lazenbee were never involved in InterMan or its dealings."