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The Land Rover 300tdi engine is very versatile and simple to improve by the experienced mechanic.


Exhaust Gas Regulator - Commonly refered to as the EGR valve located on the exhaust manifold. Designed to reduce emisions in countries with strict rules, these block with soot and cause poor performance,smoke and poor MPG. Removal is a straighforward proceedure - cost for the kit approx 10.00 - search ebay ''land rover EGR''.


  K&N High Flow Air filter - let your engine breath better. Its Like giving Tunes to a person with Flu!


De-Cat  front Exhaust - Removing the CAT exhaust (front pipe) is NOT illegal on a diesel car. It will pass the MOT because the emissions test is based on a visual smoke test. Changing this is fairly easy, but be prepared for a bit of fiddling about. Its a bit like a Rubik puzzle - you know where it goes, but getting it under the gearbox crossmember and up into the engine bay is a challenge only to be started with 2hrs of daylight. The result is better breathing for the engine and a more responsive engine.


Uprated Alisport Intercooler - More cold air in - more fuel in without smoke = more power. Once you upgrade the intercooler you can increase the fuel injection pump settings. Dependant on you vehicles use you can opt for a full size intercooler which sits in front of the radiator or a compact one that occupies the original intercooler space. These are better for towing vehicles as they don't restrict the radiator.


Fuel injection Pump - By removing the TORX screws on the top of the pump and rotating the diaphragm 90deg, this increases the fuel input under boost conditions. Too much and you will smoke black. Mark the diaphragm plate with a pen before you start and then you can always go back if there is a problem.


Hiclones - these are turbine shaped foils which are inserted into the air intake - aleged to increase MPG, but the jury is out! they certainly reduce the RPM that the turbo cuts in at, allowing a quicker take off.


Millers Power sport 4+ - Power in a bottle from your local motor store. This improves the cetane level of the fuel and allows it to burn more thoroughly. It also ensures the injectors are running at peak performance.

A good service and setting the valve clearances can in itself release additional power - upto 50bhp has been proven.'ve made a difference !!