This website contains a selection of information on No. 263 Squadron, R.A.F. gleaned from my research in public records. No doubt the most popular section will be my transcription of the Operations Record Books, AIR 27/1547 (October 1939 - December 1941) and AIR 27/1548 (January 1942 - May 1945), but there is a variety of other information from the ORB Appendices and Escape & Evasion reports, which give a greater insight to the operations and the men that flew them.

As the mood takes me, I will continue to add to the Appendices and other information as I come across it.

Digests and Diaries

A common question amongst researchers is, which Ops did a particular pilot or aircraft fly? In an attempt to address this question for Whirlwind enthusiasts, I have produced a pair of digests from the ORBs broken down by Pilot and by Aircraft. This provides an at-a-glance summary for any individual aircraft or pilot. The Pilot digest also contains a very brief summary of the pilots' careers where known.

In addition, I have created a summary of casualties recorded in the ORB broken down by month and type, and footnoted with information from the ORB entry.

These digests can be found on the ORB page or by clicking here.

There are also new entries from the Appendices. Of particular note are the the official history of, and diary extracts made during, the Norwegian expeditions, giving an intriguing insight to this often-overlooked campaign. Follow the link for more details...

AIR 27/1547 Added

The Operations Record Book AIR 27/1547, October 1939 - December 1941 has been added to the site. This completes the Squadron Operations Record Books for the Second World War.

New Records Added

A series of Operations and Combat reports have been added to the site. Follow the link for more details...

We're Underway!

I'm proud to annouce the first documents have been relased to the site. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, is the completed AIR 27/1548 ORB. Also, there are a selection of documents from the Appendices and a number of Combat Reports, also from the Appendices.

More Documents online

A selection of Escape & Evasion reports (WO 208) are available on the Pilots page, together with a pair of Liberation Reports (WO 344).