This was the first CD of Ghanaian music which contains eight of the popular songs of Koo Nimo. It was issued by Adasa Records (ADCD 102) in 1990 and then re-issued in 2000. It is distributed by:
Stern's Records, 74 Warren Street, London W1P 5PA, UK and by Stern's US, 71 Warren Street, New York, NY 10007, USA
Distribution in Ghana is by : Essiebons, Tel: 021 662256


1 Aburokyire Abrabo 5:03
A song about the disillusionment of living overseas
2 Owusu Se M'Amma 4:02
Advice about lack of consideration for a neighbour
3. Otuo Akyeampong 3:54
A eulogy to the late paramount chief of Kumawu in the Ashanti Region
4. Osabarima 4:48
A Good Friday song, about the great sacrifice of Jesus Christ
5. Naa Densua 6:03
Advice and encouragement from a husband to a wife
6. Odonson 2:22
Asking wives to understand and to co-operate with their husbands
7. Akora Dua Kube 4:22
A very old man plants a coconut tree which he will not live to see bear fruit.
8. Onipa Behwe Yie 3:11
Forewarned is forearmed

A second CD by Koo Nimo (Tete Wobi Ka) was issued in 2000. It can be purchased from Humansongs