Koo Nimo
Ghana's leading folk singer

Koo Nimo is a living legend from Ghana, well  known for playing multiple forms of traditional music. Koo sings in the Twi language while playing the acoustic guitar. For over four decades, he has devoted his life to promoting and preserving local culture through his palm-wine music and ballads.  

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The story of Koo Nimo (to 1997)

Ashanti Ballads of Koo Nimo: English by Joe Latham (1986)
Osabarima - Ghana's first CD (1990)
Andrew Kaye's Ph.D. thesis " Koo Nimo and His Circle " (1991)
Citation for Doctor of Letters degree (1992)
Koo Nimo with Adzohu in Australia (1992)
Interview with Koo Nimo - from Le Griot (1995)
Appreciation of Koo Nimo by Andrew L. Kaye (1995)
The career of Koo Nimo (updated 1997)
Appreciation of Koo Nimo from Afrofest - Toronto Canada (1998)
Artist in residence: University of Washinton, Seattle
Interview with the Seattle Times (1999)
Stories from Ashanti by Joe Latham -in English and French (2000)
Koo Nimo in Seattle (2000)
The background to village life in Ashanti
Notes about the city of Kumasi
Purchase  Koo Nimo's latest CD
Purchase booklet of Ashanti Ballads and Stories

Henrik Bettermann on Koo Nimo's career, (a very full account)
With link to pictures and hifi mp3 of 10 of  Koo's songs

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Adadam Agofomma

In doctoral robes

In Seattle, USA

Joe Latham & Koo

Koo with guitar


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