ICOM IC202 and IC202S
Created 19.8.06

The IC202 was the successor to the Liner 2, the ubiquitous 2m SSB rig of the early 1970s. Unlike the Liner 2 the IC202 had what resembled a true VFO covering 200kHz of the band on each range. In reality this was a very well engineered VXO.

The rig allowed for a set of internal batteries so handheld VHF DXing became possible with a commerical rig for the first time. I recall making some excellent QSOs way down into western France with this rig handheld as well as a goodly number of QTH squares on 2m SSB. The rig made an excellent driver for transverters.

The styling was distinctly military with its upright, manpack look.


The IC202 was a very clean rig with an excellent receiver and transmitter. To this day it is still a popular rig used to drive linears. The later IC202S had a number of improvements. Also produced were the IC602 (6m) and IC402 (70cms).


Frequency range144-146 MHz (200kHz per band VXO controlled)
RF Power output3 W pep
Voltage13.8 VDC
Current drainRX: 90-250 mA    TX: 750 mA
Antenna50 ohms SO-239 coaxial or built-in telescopic whip
Dimensions (W  x H x D)61 x 183 x 162 mm
Weight2 Kg
Manufactured1970s (later version IC202S)


IC202(S) Manual www.qsl.net/pe1hwo/icom/ic202s/manual/
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