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Please feel free to e-mail your details to me if you wish to be included in this database.

Owner David
From Australia
Model FB
Details Notes from David :- Purchased as derelict siezed wreck in the bush in 1974. That weekend had it running (rather noisey as bearings were rusty). Stripped and packed away for many years). Started restoration 1984.
Put in museum in 1996.

This one was probably built in 1950 going by the frame number and your website. Most likely to have been supplied as a chassis but not certain as the shape of the wooden box is similar to the one pictured in your owners section except for the shape of the mudguards. Leads me to think that this (box) was made in Australia when imported (and probably by Winterbottoms BMC).
> Colour chosen/matched from inside of brake drums.
> The front brakes are operated by the foot pedal which incorporates a parking brake. the front brake lever operates the rear brakes.
> There appears to be no interconnecting of the brakes on this model at all.
> Original wood sides still on vehicle.
> Thought to be used for bread deliveries in West Australia.

Picture is just prior to going into museum.

Owner Stuart Lanning
From Weston Super Mare, UK
Model FB
Details Stuart owns and runs the Lambretta Museum in Weston Super Mare, one Lambro he owns is a very rare FB, which comes complete with an ice cream box front!

Owner ??
From Australia
Model FC
Details This was bought new by a bloke who used it to deliver newspapers and remained in his family until my friend bought it this month for about £180.00

Owner Dave Kemp
From Australia
Model FD
Details Hi my name is Dave Kemp, I live in Brisbane , Queensland Australia . I have what I believe is a 1956 lambro The chassis prefix is T40, it is in need of restoration , motor turns over, and has spark. It needs , headlight, and hand controls, but otherwise mostly there. Thanks for a great web site. Rob fern

Owner Patrik Hammarsten
From Sweden
Model FD 150 Second Series
Details Hi I own a FD150, the colour is red. It has the older rear wheel brake cylinders. I also have a spare parts catalogue, and a instructions manual.

Owner Carlos Eduardo ManfrÍ
From Brazil
Model FD 150
Details Lambro FD 150 - Frame Prefix... T40 .... 02*** - Year... 1955 - Red

Owner Goofy
From UK
Model FDC
Details Orignally from the Mike Karslake collection, now owned by a Lambro collector Goofy!

Owner Mario Varricchio
From Australia
Model FDC
Details A friend just sold me his Lambro (which has been sitting in his yard for 10 years). He apparently had it going and the guy he got it off restored it (not all original parts).
From your website we worked out that it is a FDC. Its currently painted red but Iím assuming thatís not the original colour. I am in Australia and will be restoring it over the next year.

Owner Paul Brierley
From Nottingham, UK
Model Fli 2nd series
Details Paul originally owned the Lambro for a number of years, then sold it, but had the good luck to be able to buy it back again!

Owner: Peter
From: Cambridge UK
Model: Fli second series
Details Restored and in use.
Help for Owners It took me a while to figure out that my Lambro needed a battery connected for the ignition system to work
Helpfull suppliers have been Cambridge Lambretta for electrical items, including points, condensor, light and ignition switches. Weston Scooter Parts were most helpfull with brakes, including shoes, and all cylinders, and speciality hoses.
I was told that when fitting a completly new brake system it would be very hard to bleed the system due to pressure. What I found is that if you left all joints loose, as you pumped the fluid up to one joint and it leaked, tighten that joint and continue pumping to the next joint. Eventually one by one as it leaks from an area tighten this and the whole job is a lot eaiser. I managed to find brand new old stock wheel cylinders, but these still had to be honed out and new seals fitted to stop them leaking.

Owner Marcus
From Medway, UK
Model FLi SII
Details Marcus is planning a few performance mods for his Lambro, with the fitting of an Imola alloy cylinder kit which features reed valve induction. Rear brakes have also bee uprated with a rear disc conversion with 2 Italjet dragster callipers on each wheel, one for the handbrake and one for the foot brake.

Owner Denis
From Utah, USA
Model FLi
Details According to the records where I found the information, I am the second known owner of this 1957 Lambro!.

Owner Steve Taylor
From UK
Model 450,
Details My Lambro is a 175cc 450 pickup, it came in to the UK February 2006 from Italy and I bought it from Roddy in south Wales. I have had it running but will need to fully restore it later this year, as you can see in the photos the back is in a poor state.

Owner Rob Fern
From UK
Model 450, 1966
Details I had a 450 years ago and regretted selling it, sold it to Patch at Scooter surgery. I got another 450 in far better condition with electric start from Scootopia. I am in Devon UK, Lambro 450, chassis prefix is M41, 1966, grey. the picture is of it still in their shop. it runs and drives very well and will be on the road this summer with any luck.
Rob fern

Owner Vincent Mross
From USA
Model 450, 1967
Details Vince runs and own West Coast Lambretta in the USA has beefed up his Lambro with a 230cc reed valve Monza kit.

Owner Neil White
From UK
Model 450
Details Hello there here is a couple of photos of my 450. I bought him(£250) in an italian scrapyard on lake maggiore through an old friend Marino who I used to scour the italian autojumbles with. From the moment i saw Larry the Lambrover, it was love and he has never disappointed, while in the yard I was wondering how i was going to get it on my trailer, the previous owner, suggested that I drive him on, he was right, a battery fitted and off he went. On my return I mot'd and registered her, receiving a dvla classification of a three wheeled articulated motorcycle. He has been valiantly used for a camping holiday, the IOW twice, moving tonnes of aggregates, dozens of scooters, dozens of tip and school runs,one wedding and a funeral. Everytime she goes out people just smile, what a lovely thing for a vehicle to do. I have bought a lot of spares for it over the years, some in italy most in vietnam and india, curiously I have filmed a lambro shop in Saigon which helps maintain the lambro 550 dustcart fleet that buzz around the streets after dark, I shall put it online and post a link, sometime. The lambro is a boy, 1965 and a 175, dyno starter and may get some attention this winter, the brakes are rubbish and constantly fade then fix themselves. A big hello to you Lambrolads and if this posting works, I will send in some pictures of my FDC that was apparently owned by Lord Beaverbrook's Evening Standard back in it's day. Regards Neil

Owner: Ricky
From: Cambridgeshire
Model: 550
Details I am hoping to get an mot on it this year ride it for a while then get it re-spayed next year. lambro 550 won off ebay!

Owner: Enrique Mujica
From: Mexico
Model: 550
Details Hi, Im very happy! i buy a lambro 1968 550m, I will send a photo!
Im really fan of a vespa (1955,60,74,76,78)and ape 1994, but the lambro is grate!
Thanks for the information!
Enrique Mujica

Owner: Karl-Gustav Karlevall
From: Sweden
Model: 550V
Details Hi.This is my Lambro 550 v, 1970 years model. Its runs great and i only drive at the summer. The brakesystem its complet rebuilt and the clutch is new. Its fun too drive and the swedish mot think its ok

Owner Peter Moller
From Germany
Model 550ML
Details I bought it over ebay and start now with restauration. I am member of the Lambretta Club Germany and the Scytheman Scooter Club Germany. I own also 2 Lambretta LI 2.Series and a Lambretta Starstream. I watched over 2 Jears for A Lambro and one month ago I find one at ebay. The engine is a 198cc but broken, there is a hole in the Krankschafthausing but I get a new Engine from an Italian friend. Now I start with the bodywork and the Colouring. Help for Owners: I have sparepart lists and if some one has youestions he can send me a mail, but I can help only for 500-600 M/V/ML models.
Sorry about my english

Owner: Juha Peltonen
From: Finland
Model: 500ML
Details Here is my Lambro just transported to home yard. We dug it from old barn and "she" saw daylight first time in 18 years. Some cardan shaft parts are missing and I have noticed that spareparts and drawnings is quite hard to fine

Owner: Bo Martin
From: Sweden
Model: 500ML
Details Purchased from the UK via eBay in March 2006. Manufactured 1971, imported from Italy 2005. Resprayed exterior in UK 2005, the brakes are in need of repair.

No Picture
Owner: Victor Voris
From: USA
Model: 600V
Details No details known.
Owner: David Breese
From: Indonesia
Model: Tri Lambretta
Details I live in Cirebon Indonesia & I know of 2 that exist, one of which I own.
The vast majority of all Tri Lambrettas were imported here & a helicopter type cab was added locally for the transportation of the public in Jakarta.
In 1980 the Jakarta government banned the Helicak in favour of the Indian imported Bajaj 3 wheeler & more than 500 Helicaks were force purchased & dumped in the ocean near Ancol Jakarta.
I purchased mine from an old guy that used to drive it & was afraid of getting into trouble with the authorities for having no licence & hid it at the back of his house.
I also have the original Tri Lambretta parts catalogue & advertising literature from the local firm that built the front cabs.

Owner: You?
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