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The 500ML was a direct replacement for the 550ML, but the 500 became more basic in its features to turn the 500 into the base model available.

This new model had a slightly smaller rear load carrying compartment, no door panels as standard, while the front grille was also deleted. The dash board inside remained the same, as did most of features.

The maximum load was reduced to 500kg, even though the 500 shared the same 200cc engine as its more expensive 550 models. The 500 was later to gain a choice of 200 and 175cc engines to satisfy public demand smaller engined vehicles. In fact a number of 125cc versions were made at the specific request of the French market, this was due to licence laws, while the payload remained at 500kg, performance was lacking.

Lambro 500 ML
Produced : September 1969 - September 1971
Italian production : 200cc 1,504 ** detailed figures
175cc 3324 ** detailed figures
125cc 214 ** detailed figures
Engine Size : 198cc, 175cc and limited 125cc models
Bore / Stroke 66 x 58mm, 62x58
Carburettor Dell'orto SH 2/22
Gears Four forward, one reverse
Horsepower 10hp @ 4,800rpm - 200cc models
Maximum speed 64kph / 40mph - 200cc models
Tyre size 4.50 x 10
Fuel Consumption 21kpl / 60mpg
Weight 370kg / 815.7lb
Colours Grey, Green, Yellow and Orange
Price Unknown

Sales Leaflet

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