• Membership
    • EQUITY 3 yrs
    • NODA 15 yrs Medal
    • LAMDA Acting Medal

    Lead singer
  • Folk group called " LIASION" for five yrs Semi-Professional

    Film Work
    Ruth Rendal Mysteries
    • The Strawberry Tree
    • Simisola
    • Vanity Dies Hard

  • Television Apperances
    • Streetwise Meridian TV
    • The Vanessa Show
    • Ruth Rendal Mysteries
    • The Gloria Hunnyford Show

    Newspapers, Magazines & Books
    The Sun
    The Sun newspaper "Millennium Book" Front Cover
    Click Studios, Front Cover
    Newbury News
    Portsmouth News
    Southampton News
    Eva Magazine
    OK Magazine
    That's Life Magazine

  • Look alike Apperances
    (A small selection of look alike apperance's)
    Dorien Look-alike from birds of a feather
    • Silver Sturgeon The Savoy Pier London, meets & greets plus Entertain.
    • SEGA World Picadilly London meets & greets plus Entertain.
    • Burtons Oxford St London Christmas Promotion.
    • Bargate Centre Southampton Promotion.
    • Club Royal Uxbridge Night Club

  • Queen Elizabeth 1st For Newbury County Show
    A two day event were I gave a speech as made by Queen Elizabeth 1st which granted Newbury its Original Royal Charter, dressed as the Queen and travelled in the original Gold Coach the Movie "The Madness of King George".

    Queen Elizabeth 1st
    Chelsea Flower Show 2002
    Extensive coverage by press, local & World TV news.

    Queen Elizabeth 1st
    Creeley Adventure Park Exeter, meet & greet Name a ride.

    Queen Elizabeth 1st Guild Hall London meet & greet plus Speech.

  • Queen Elizabeth 1st
    BBC History Books, publicity poster for the London underground & Newspapers.

    Queen Victoria at Earls Court Boat Show, naming of a Yacht
    Filmed by the BBC and naming was extensivley used during the programme airing including the introduction to the Film.

    Queen Victoria at The London Museum publicity day.

    Queen Victoria for The Barret Homes opening day & Promotion Video.

    Drama tuition Lamda Examiner Mrs B Lavington

    Musical & Plays.
    15 yrs on the amateur stage with a top local Musical Society Fareham Hants
    Leading Lady in the following productions.
    • South Pacfic
    • My Fair Lady
    • No No Nannette
    • Call Me Madam
    • Salad Days

    Second Leads
    • Oklahoma
    • The Pyjama Game
    • Annie Get Your Gun
    • Fiddler on the Roof

    Amateur plays with a LAMDA Examiner group "Front Room Theater"
    • Rape of the Belt
    • Trealawney of the Wells
    • Arsnic and Old Lace
    • The Real Inspector Hound
    • The Hounds of the Baskasville
    • Tom Jones

    I have also been a member of a local Old Time Musical Hall, which I was a Lead Solo Singer.