A Regenerodyne Receiver for the Amateur bands

Full technical details of the receiver at Gary Johanson's, (WD4NKA) site Here

This is my version of Gary's regenerodyne receiver. It uses vintage American Radio Valves that I read about in my copy of "Elements of Radio" when i was a kid - wish I still had that book! Gary's radio was tuned for 7mHz and above but I hope to include 3.5 and 1.8mHz in my version using a switched crystal controlled oscillator and a second preselector coil now, I really hate winding coils so it should be an interesting experience :P

Here's the basic chassis of the set, it's constructed from scrap timber and a robust front plate of MDF, the top of the chassis is a scrap piece of blank PCB copper clad material with a few old holes filled in with epoxy putty! Here you can see the vintage RCA 6C5G valve dating from the 1950's, which will be the set's crystal controlled oscillator, it looks new and unused but at this moment in time I haven't tested it. Hope it's ok, 6C5 valves are very hard to come by in the UK these days!

The vacant space to the left of the chassis is reserved for the the main HT and heater transformers and HT rectifier valve, I've decided to do an all in one radio with inbuilt power supply despite the warnings as regards mains hum in a set of this kind. However, I reckon I can do a decent enough job of screening the psu from the radio - we shall see if I can pull it off! :P

 The cardboard IF coil former will be covered with an aluminium tube to prevent the 6C5 and 6J7 from cooking the former! :P The front section of PCB material is seam soldered to the chassis and screwed to the front plate, the main tuning capacitor will be mounted onto this section.

under construction


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