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Welcome to the Automata Art Bots mailing list home page.
This group is for the discussion of Automata, Kinetic Sculpture and Art Robotics.

Below you'll find a few examples of art bots created by your humble list owner. As the list grows I'd really like to get some works by others on this page as I didn't create this group to be a showcase exclusively for my own work (that's what here is for) So please let me know if you've got a cool piece of art to display here or even if you'd like to recommend a classic work and have some nice images of it?

Automata (singular: automaton) are self-operating machines. The word is sometimes used to describe robots, more specifically autonomous robots.

Automata, from the Greek automatos, “acting of one’s own will, self-moving,” is more often used to describe non-electronic moving machines but this list will encompass all that and kinetic sculpture as well as art robots incorporating electronics and computers. We're not scared of transistors here.

If it's art, a 3D object and it moves it's on topic.

I'd like to encourage makers, experts, beginners, collectors and anyone with any passing interest in early or recent automata and robotic or moving sculpture to join and contribute to the list.

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