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I've been working as a freelance journalist for 15 years, writing both news and features for a range of publications. I have developed several broad specialisms, including education, parenting, business and health. A good deal of my writing has been on the use of technology in different contexts: currently I'm writing a lot about the use of imaging informatics in healthcare, but I've also extensively covered the increasing use of technology in education and the impact of technology on businesses, both large and small.

Over the years, I've observed and written about numerous trends in business, including globalisation and outsourcing, for clients such as the Financial Times, the Economist Intelligence Unit and a variety of B2B publications, including CIO and Computing.

For seven years, I wrote a monthly article for Futurelab about innovations (mostly, but not always, technological) in education, and I've also contributed numerous articles to The Guardian on the use of technology in education, as well as articles on more general educational topics. I contributed several blog posts to The Times's much-missed Schoolgate blog. For information about my books on education, see the link to Books in the side panel.

Between 2009 and 2014, I edited Perspective, the continuing professional development magazine of NCT, the parenting charity. As well as commissioning and editing copy, I wrote articles for the magazine on topics such as maternal health and improving provision for minority groups.In 2013, I published Birth Trauma, a book for women who suffer post-traumatic stress disorder after a difficult birth.

Here are some examples of my work (I haven't included any links that are behind paywalls):


Meet the female entrepreneurs taking on male-dominated industries (The Guardian, February 3, 2015)

John Latham: 'I don't want more students, but I'm glad the cap's going' (The Guardian, October 8, 2014)

Why does Switzerland do so well in the university rankings? (The Guardian, October 1, 2014)

Creating the Amazon in the classroom (The Guardian, October 22, 2013)

Scientific research: how Asia carved its niche (The Guardian, January 17, 2013)

Improving the maternity experiences of Irish travellers (Perspective, December 2011)

Science teaching under the microscope (The Guardian, May 21, 2013)

Students stuck in remote parts? There's an app for that (The Guardian, February 18, 2013)

NCT networks: enabling parents to support each other (Perspective, June 2013)

An open approach to learning (Futurelab, July 2007)

The little red (e)book (E-Health Insider, February 3, 2015)

New breed of CIOs become custodians of data flow (CIO, July 2012)



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