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In the early 90's the rave scene was still relativly fresh, exciting and to some extent underground. History may have us believe that the only club that was important was Manchesters Hacienda. However due to the fragmentend nature of rave music as a whole different clubs grew around different styles.

The Hippodrome in Middleton served as a venue for music with a harder edge than most. Hardcore techno was the general banner but the club also gave us ragga/jungle in its infancy.

The clubs main nights were Friday and Saturday, Jay Wearden resident on Fri's and Moggy on Saturdays. I prefered Saturday nights, although I did manage to go to a couple of Fridays it wasnt really my thing. The atmosphere was different, maybe it was the more obscure tracks Wearden span. Though Hippodrome hosted a few guest DJ's (ie Carl Cox) and performers (The Prodigy) the regular crowd were there for DJ Moggy.
You could listen to similar tunes on Sunset with Sammy B and at one point Clash FM (I don't know how long that lasted) but Hippos tunes were generally the same as Amnesia House

After the club the carpark outside was the meeting and organising point, go to a party, someone has heard of a rave or off to Pilsworth Industrial Estate to outdance the people from The Pleasuredome. Mostly it was back to someones house after stopping off at the garage for some munchies and ciggies. I remember good parties in Stockport (Dylans) and Burnage (Big? Nathan) in particular.

Sadly The Hippodrome seemed to fade away. A few of us from upstairs started going to Bowlers ( Inpersonal and too nice music!) but it all came to an end not long after (for me anyways). If you drive past the building now you see an abandoned wreck...but you will get a bit of a tingle and a smile remembering the good times there.

Thanks to all the people who made those times special. We were creating history you know.

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