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If you have any photos then please contact me. Follow the link on the contact page

Flyers and photos from the Hippodrome

Stage 1 Hippos bog posse-Ben Upstairs, back bar-Maz, Racheal, Dillan
Dancefloor Upstairs, back bar-Barry, Wilson Carpark
Carpark-Parker, Heath in Mad Chris' VW Dancefloor podium After Hippos party-Me and Dave
Stage 2 amnesia house vision all nighter
Hippodrome map Robot guy at Vision all nighter The Vision van
Bloke at Vision-He's high Jez,Bami and Dillan One funky bitch
Bami, Carl outside the bogs Ticket for Phoenix (Hippos Renunion) flyer1 front
flyer1 back flyer2 front flyer2 back
Jane, Lisa

Thanks to Carl, James, Dave and Heath for the photos