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Text Box:  Sometimes it’s quite enlightening to hear what the really important people have to say about a book. So, among the professional reviews,  I’ve  added snippets from some of the many letters I’ve received from my  readers ...







Text Box:     Cobblestone Heroes:  A very moving story and well told”
 Yorkshire Evening Press.


Text Box: Cobblestone Heroes:   The story is well grounded and those streets of terraced houses  full of lively children reading the Beano and playing football came to life. Too often I have found with this type of novel  the details are lacking — what people did from day to day apart from work, suffer hardships and fall in love.  So we have the minutiae of life here as well as the larger events and it all fits together very neatly and is exactly the right length.  Jewels,  bombs, murders, prisons, romance, disappearing orphans. Catherine Cookson never had all this! A saga for those who don’t like sagas—or for anyone who enjoys a good novel.     MyShelf. Com


Text Box:  … I ordered Cobblestone Heroes after it had been reviewed in the Evening Gazette …  you really had me relishing every page and I couldn’t put it down. I do hope there are going to be other books from you because you are my kind of writer.   
  Mrs Barbara Pitches. Fleetwood Lancashire



Text Box: “I have just finished reading Hope Street and Cobblestone Heroes by Ken McCoy and felt I  must congratulate him on two  of the best reads I’ve had in years. I couldn’t put either of them down. So please wish Mr McCoy well and tell him to keep the books rolling out as I and many more wait for another one.    
Marcia Cooper.   Geelong, Australia.

Text Box: Magna Large Print have published eight of my books in both large print and audio. I've done the reading on seven of them.

Text Box: I love the theatre-poster style of the original Fabulous Fox Twins cover, (above right) but I couldn't resist when I was invited to do the cover for the  Large print and Audio publications.(Right)
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Text Box: ***Annie's Legacy: 
 WH Smiths Saga of the Month October 2001

Text Box:  Hope Street … I really enjoyed reading this book. I felt as if I knew all the characters and the pace was good … I think the author Ken McCoy knows his stuff! Good luck to him.
Reviewer:  Amazon Books
Text Box:      Annie's Legacy
 Ken McCoy certainly doesn’t write pap. … the details are tough, gritty, callous. The heroine is no sissy and boy, does the villain get his come-uppance. 
New Zealand Review.

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Text Box: Hope Street:   Once again this is an excellent book by Leeds author Ken McCoy.
Yorkshire Evening Press

Text Box: Dear Ken,
… last night I finished reading Annie’s Legacy and I felt anger, tears, disgust, as if I was there with Annie and her family and friends. What a great writer you are. Your story had me caught up from start to finish … the best story I have read in ages …
Maisie Latto. London



Text Box: Annie's legacy:  A powerful novel by a local author.
Bradford Telegraph and Argus

Text Box: These are the new style covers for my sagas, taken from authentic old photos. 
Pretty good eh?
Text Box: Mad Carew
Better known as a writer of sagas, Ken McCoy has turned his hand to crime fiction with entertaining results.
Tangled Web.
Text Box: Enjoyable ... Sam Carew is one in  a long line of loveable British rogues. The detection is sound and McCoy does an admirable job of moving the story along.
Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine

Text Box: ... Cobblestone Heroes is the best book I have read for a long long time .  I am now going to start on Hope Street. “Pure Bliss”. Please carry on with your writing and good luck for the future.        Mrs Norah Heyes. Merseyside.

Text Box: tripper
Due for publication 
 5th December 2005

Text Box: Catch A Falling Star
A Heart Rending Yet Compulsive Read.
Coventry Evening Telegraph
Text Box:               Two Rings For Rosie 
Once again an excellent book by
 by Ken McCoy.
Yorkshire Evening Press




Text Box: Large Print and Audio Cover  of Annie's Legacy painted by yours truly






     Not to give too much of the plot away, the opening line is:

      Ron Crusher was dead and he never really knew why.

     In December you get a chance to find out what  Ron Crusher never knew.




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Text Box: Mad Carew
... it is done with audacity and good humour. This is the crime debut of McCoy and is a good start to what is promised to be the first in a series 
South Wales Argus



Text Box: Mad Carew
The best thing about this enjoyable book is the sharpness of the writing and the dry humour, which adds to the pace of the plot. It is no surprise that Ken McCoy can add 'after dinner entertainer'  to his list of activities. If he speaks as well as he writes then he'll wow them on the after dinner circuit ... I now want to read everything he's written.
      Sherlock Magazine













Text Box: Text Box: **I have just finished reading The Fabulous Fox Twins and I really must pass on to you my delight and joy on reading this book. This is the first time I have ever written anything about books I have read but it was so good I wanted you to know what pleasure the story gave to me (and my husband)  ... I read it before going to bed and went to sleep with a big smile on my face. In the morning I read it and started the day with another big smile on my face.... Thank you very much. I wanted you to know how much pleasure your books give. It was great to have a good laugh ... 
Mrs EA Marchington  Buxton Derbyshire
Text Box: A hod full of acerbic humour and a deft manipulation of the storyline to mask the killer until the closing pages of the novel make Ken McCoy's debut as a crime writer an event to take notice of. The quarter of a century he spent in the building trade weren't wasted years but it looks like McCoy has found his true profession. Hopefully Mad Carew's encore appearance isn't far off.
    I  Love A Mystery.


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