Text Box: After Dinner Speaking



After Dinner Speaking







Text Box: M.J. Wright. House Chairman North Cliff Golf Club Scarborough, Gentlemanís Dinner.  
ÖWell! What can I say Ken. Not only were you equal to the task but you also surpassed all expectations with your exemplary performance. The outcome of which has seen me inundated with requests for your speedy return to speak at similar events at North Cliff Golf Club Ö may I thank you for playing a major part in my own increased popularity with members through just taking the simple steps in asking you to entertain us Ö




Text Box:  Geoff Eastman. Operations Manager. Lampways. Knowles Lane Bradford.  
Corporate Dinner 
Ö Just a line to say how well Ken's act was received by our delegates Ö his humour was pitched just right and it was a great finish to a very successful event



Text Box:  
Ernie Howker, Captain. Bradley Hall Golf Club Halifax. Captainís Dinner 
Dear Ken Ö may I take this opportunity to thank you for making the evening so enjoyable. Everyone I have spoken to since the event said how excellent your speech was, and our members are still talking about the evening Ö

Text Box:  Malcolm Dawson, Captain, Sicklehome Golf Club: Captainís and Vice Captainís Dinner  
Ken    ... many thanks for getting it completely right !!! It was a superb evening and the feedback from the membership was that you were the ď Best Speaker we have had yet.Ē






Text Box: The Captain, Sitwell Park Golf Club: Menís Dinner &Prize Presentation 
Dear Ken,   
On behalf of the members and committee Ö may I take this opportunity to thank you for making our Menís Dinner so enjoyable.
Without exception, everyone I have spoken to thought your speech was excellent, but I am sure you know that from the reception you received at the end.



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Jack Goulding, Secretary, Silkstone Golf Club: Captainís Dinner  
Dear Ken,     ... I can say, without fear or favour, what a tremendous evening you gave us and our members are still talking about it ...  may you continue to give pleasure wherever you go.      
Text Box: John Barrow,  Manager, Knaresborough Golf Club:  Menís Annual Dinner.
 Dear Ken,  
 On behalf of the Captain, Committee and Members, please accept our thanks for the hilarious treat of the speech you gave at our 1999 Menís Annual Dinner. It was a triumph of classic humour, embellished with enviable mastery of diverse dialects; the final standing ovation summed up the reaction better than mere words could express.
     Few of us knew you when you arrived. None of us will forget you after your departure. That says it all.

Text Box: Jack Gorbutt,  Selby Golf Club: 
Captainsís Dinner 
Dear Ken,  The Captain of 1996, John Arnold, and all who attended his team dinner enjoyed your style of entertainment very much.  It was a superb evening ... the only time any of the audience left was to make room for more beverage ...



Text Box:  
John Molloy, Doncaster Golf Club: Trophy Night
 Dear Ken,   
  I am writing to thank you for, and congratulate you on your performance at our Trophy Night.   Your material was excellent and extremely wide ranging and clearly went down well with the hundred or so Members present, who were in stitches throughout the whole of your performance. I was also impressed by your non stop delivery of your material for a considerable period of time. 
 The fact that the evening was very successful was due to a considerable degree to your contribution.

Text Box: Peter Weir, Rabbits Captain, Elland Golf Club: Rabbit Captainís Dinner
Dear Ken     ... we decided to be adventurous and look for a speaker who was unknown to the members and good fortune led us to yourself.  The speech and members reception of it was far beyond our expectations and was the icing on the cake at what had been one of the best members dinners for years.



Text Box: If anyone finds these letters a bit 'over the top' I've still got the originals to prove they're genuine. 
I'm not that good at fiction to have dreamt them up myself.

Text Box: My after dinner speaking began in the mid 1980s when I began writing comic monologues. I also invented an alter- ego ó a disgraceful old tramp called Professor Albert Crapper (pictured on this page). He would supposedly gatecrash dinners, the posher the better, generally make a nuisance of himself,  then make his way to the top table where he'd proceed to recite his monologues. Surprisingly he became quite popular and he and I ended up on the after dinner circuit. However such an act was bound to end in tears, especially when doing rugby clubs where they thought it was wonderful fun to turf out tramps with great vigour and enthusiasm. So I ended up retiring the professor and doing the dinners as myself, with just as much success and a lot less pain. However, Professor Albert has since appeared at the Leeds City Varieties a few times and hopefully he will again.
As I play a bit of  golf I find myself speaking at a lot of golf clubs, but in fact I can speak at most functions, including,  in recent years, literary functions.   For the benefit of anyone whose looking for an after dinner entertainer here are a few letters from satisfied customers.


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Ken Young, Secretary, U.K. Events:  TSB [Bank] National Golf Finals. 
Turnberry 1996 
Dear Ken,   ... thank you for your superb after dinner speech at the Turnberry Hotel. I know that I speak on behalf of everyone present when I say that it was thoroughly enjoyed by all and a superb end to the gala evening.


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Liz Smurthwaite, Lady Captain,       Shipley Northcliffe Golf Club:
  Lady Captainís Dinner
Dear Ken    ... it was very much appreciated by all the ladies who attended the event, the best Ladies Dinner weíve had in ages. Hope you enjoyed you first ďLadies OnlyĒ Dinner as much as we did.

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... And a Golden Oldie ... 
John Bland, Horsforth Golf Club:  Annual Dinner November 1989. 
Dear Ken   ...   you were superb. Itís not often a guest speaker gets a standing ovation. I  have no doubt you are in great demand
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