Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Development Team offers your company years of knowledge and practical experience in:-
" organisational change, performance improvement, quality issues and development.
" training needs analysis, staff development, management and supervisory training, mentoring and counselling.
" training programme design and implementation
" managing downsizing, redeployment, redundancy and outplacements
" monitoring, evaluation and assessment conflict management

The Benefits

" enhancing management performance
" reducing your costs
" encouraging higher productivity
" improving standards and quality
" sharpening your customer orientation
" managing change processes effectively
" promoting a more motivated workforce.

And, of course, you will be getting value for money from your consultant, who will be providing you with cost effective specialist services.

The Development Team believe your skills and knowledge, and our expertise, are complementary. Consequently, we both produce our best results in active partnership.

Transferring Skills
As businesses have to change and adapt to internal and external influences, it is important to be able to transfer skills and knowledge from one sector to another. The Development Team can help transfer new skills into your business.

Adding Value
By improving performance the Development Team adds value to your workforce. Consistently, our Development consultants have contributed measurable improvements to their client organisations.

Managing Change
Whether your business is expanding, static or contracting during a period of change, discussing your current needs with one of our consultants will be time well spent, and an opportunity to consider your wider options.

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