Practical assistance that works!
You will not be surprised to know that MDs in the SME sector require practical assistance, preferably from more mature business executives who had 'been there, seen it and done it'. That is in addition to information and advice to help you to survive and grow. However, in order to be effective, a practical implementation phase was also required, but traditional consultancy is inappropriate as Associates of Hollycroft Business Group are practitioners with many years experience of running businesses or departments who have experienced at first hand the pressures, stresses and joys of having starting-up or running a business. In short, we have 'been there, seen it, and survived to tell the story'!


Do you know that:-
* 99.5% of all businesses in the UK economy employ fewer than 200 people,
* 98% employ fewer than 50 people and
* 96.4% employ fewer than 20 people! These figures clearly illustrate the importance of caring for the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises - namely your business.
Rather than aiming our time at the larger companies who can already afford to buy in expertise and a full board of professional directors on whom the large, company Managing Director can call on at any time for specialist advice and assistance, Hollycroft Business Group concentrates on you. Why? Because the person responsible for an SME has no such facility, yet is expected to know everything, keep up with everything and do everything themselves, which is unrealistic as in most cases that person cannot be expected to 'know what they don't know'.

So, if you are ploughing a lonely furrow as an Owner / Managing Director whose thoughts roam to wondering how you might get practical help and advice about:
" Cash flow; improving funding
" Increasing orders [or coping with too many]
" Information over-load or lack of up-to-date information
" Seldom sufficient time to complete anything to your satisfaction
" Loneliness and isolation; or too many advisers with conflicting advice.
" The loss of the original vision for your business.
" Uncertain personal exit plans
Before too long take time to call Hollycroft Business Group.