• Gracefully swimming
    The sea turtle heads homeward
    Across the wild reef.
  • The pond is silent
    A frog jumps into the quiet
    We hear the water
  • Along the pond's edge
    The trees weep pink and white tears
    For winter's passing
  • In mountain hot springs
    The winter cold can not reach
    The clever monkey
  • We stand tall and proud
    And admire our reflection
    In the water's deep
  • Grey clouds cast shadows
    On the world waiting below
    But the sun will come
  • Looking for answers
    Where the sky meets the ocean
    At the horizon
  • The sound of water
    Echoes on the jagged cliffs
    when Spring comes calling
  • When the winter sun
    Shines on the surface, it shows
    Reflections of snow
  • The Valley of Ice
    Leads the eye towards the sun
    Which warms the cold heart
  • The sun in winter
    Slowly rises in the east
    From the morning mist
  • We followed the path
    Which wound its way down the hill
    To the lakes below
  • My days swept away
    Winding down life's long valley
    Borne by the river