Earth at Night 2012 - show the world at night

Darwin Records - create attractive store locators

#freeandopen - start a campaign

Route Map - create stunning visualisations

BlockAvenue - rate every block in America

In My Backyard - work out where you could install solar panels

The Beat - find the best Instagram photos

Christmas Carole - make an interactive Christamas card

NYT Hurricane Sandy Flooding - shows the effects of a hurricane

Mapping in the San Franciscome - create amazing data visualisations

Huge City - find out what's happening nearby

UKBirdCount - go bird spotting

Die Seidenstrasse - create a map for your favorite TV program

Interactieve Kaarten - GIS the easy way

NabeWise - find you perfect neighborhood

Great Schools - find the best schools

Silent Hill Map - map a fictional town

Locatable - find the best place to live

mapthatpad - find an apartment

Go Pro Travelling - plan a trip

Solar Tool - work out the potential of solar power

Rail Radar - show train locations in real-time

La France en Relief - recreate the towns and buildings of the past

Map of the Drug War in Mexico - map the news and current events

The Navy of World War One - explore history

American Tech Jobs - map where people work in the tech industry

Map of the Roman Empire - create an historical map

Dynamische Verbindunge - map and rate cycle routes

Peak Finder - get a profile map of your horizons

World Cam - search Instagram by location

Berlin Start-up Map - map start-ups

Transformers on Your Street - advertise with Street View

Solve 50 Problems in 50 Days - promote your work

Reclame Erfgoed - archive historical street advertising

MyHistro - create a timeline story - learn about the World

OneTwoTrip - find cheap flights

Resident Evil - Retribution Street Invasion - shoot zombies on Street View

The Houston Clean Air Network - map air pollution

FlightRadar24 - create a flight simulator

Perfect Days - create and save your perfect day

Global Shark Tracker - track sharks in the ocean

Ascii Street View - create art from Street View

Ourense en Verde - find green spaces

Lovely - find an apartment to rent

22nd July Memory Map - remember the dead

The Internet Map - map the internet

Meograph - map news stories

Bear Tracking - track animals

Dark Sky - find the weather along a route

AXS Map - map and rate how accessible businesses are for the disabled

Bostonography - crowdsource district boundaries

Trulia Local - visualise commute times

Build - build Lego buildings on Google Maps